people-woman-coffee-meeting-largeI currently teach at the University of Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland. I teach in the Klein Family School of Communications Design, and I direct our program in oral communication. UB is an incredibly diverse school, and as a result, my students are very exciting people!

I believe that studying communication, and the liberal arts more generally, provides the necessary skills to be an active citizen. These skills include public speaking (in traditional and mediated contexts), critical thinking, and effective argumentative writing.

As a teacher, my goal is to help students discover ways to thoughtfully engage in the world around them. This means that I need to design activities that encourage collaboration given that a communal spirit is necessary for democracy to thrive. I also seek to help students think through the controversies that are part of our daily lives. Active citizens cannot shy away from controversy–although they can do their part to mediate! I came to the study of communication through forensics–speech and debate–so I feel very strongly about building oral and written communication skills.

I’ve gathered a few sample syllabi from the courses that I often teach. The first two are from the oral communication classes that I regularly teach at UB. The last two are holdovers from my time at George Mason University.

Click here to see a sample syllabus from CMAT201: Communicating Effectively.

Click here to see a sample syllabus from CMAT303: Oral Communication in Business.

Click here to see a sample syllabus from Comm335: Organizational Communication.

Click here to see a sample syllabus from Comm454: Freedom of Speech and Communication Ethics.