Press Conference Video

Microphones At Press Conference

CARP Lab hosted their first livestreamed press conference via YouTube today. If you’d like to watch us break down the recent gubernatorial elections in Virginia and talk about the history and future of character assassination, find the video here.


CARP Lab Online Press Conference

Join Character Assassination and Reputation Politics Lab (CARP lab) founders and moderator Richard Sheehe at 1:00 EST (London: 5:00 PM; Amsterdam: 6:00 PM; Moscow: 8:00 PM) on 10 November for our first livestreamed press conference!

To join the press conference, head to Youtube:

Katya Beisel is the Event Project Director

Subject matter experts and scholars of the intersection of politics, media, history and rhetoric will take questions from academics, professional practitioners and journalists in a moderated panel discussion.

Use the Live Chat function to pose questions to our expert panel. To learn more about CARP and our latest research initiatives, check out our twitter (@CARP_lab) and new website and blog