New Publication on Public Memory

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This quick post is just to let you know about a recent publication in an edited collection on public memory practices on Washington, DC’s National Mall. My chapter in the book is entitled “Entrepreneurs and Immigrants: Representing American Identity in the National Museum of American History.” In it, I explore what the history museum tells us about who Americans are. Undertaking a rhetorical analysis of the exhibition practices, I argue that the museum foregrounds both entrepreneurship and immigration in the American experience. These choices, I suggest, have implications for how we understand community and democracy. The book is available here, and also includes a variety of other chapters that examine the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the National Museum of the American Indian, the FDR Memorial, and others.


Sharing Important Work and Words


A DC winter. Photo by author.

Happy New Year! One of my resolutions for 2018 is to communicate more thoughtfully and intentionally with those around me. (Yes, something that even this communication professor needs to work on!)

And thoughtful communication is also something that is deeply needed in politics today. In my opinion one of the most dangerous parts of our political system is the inability for people to thoughtfully engage with those with whom they disagree and work toward building meaningful solutions to problems that face us all.

To that end, I write to share a new (WordPress!) website started by one of my former employers. He’s started “The Lone Liberal Republican,” a website that shares the history and advocacy of liberal republicanism. He believes that we need more options in our divided political environment. He sees the solution in liberal republicanism. Unsure of what that means? Check out the blog and Twitter to learn more. See especially a book-length compendium of reasons for supporting liberal republicanism and its comparison to other, more familiar political ideas.

Read. Think. Engage. Be Kind. My mantras for 2018.

CARP Lab Online Press Conference

Join Character Assassination and Reputation Politics Lab (CARP lab) founders and moderator Richard Sheehe at 1:00 EST (London: 5:00 PM; Amsterdam: 6:00 PM; Moscow: 8:00 PM) on 10 November for our first livestreamed press conference!

To join the press conference, head to Youtube:

Katya Beisel is the Event Project Director

Subject matter experts and scholars of the intersection of politics, media, history and rhetoric will take questions from academics, professional practitioners and journalists in a moderated panel discussion.

Use the Live Chat function to pose questions to our expert panel. To learn more about CARP and our latest research initiatives, check out our twitter (@CARP_lab) and new website and blog