Teaching high schoolers…again!

maxresdefaultI had the recent privilege of spending a few hours over the last few weeks at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. At WJMC, high schoolers from across the country come Mason to learn about the field of journalism, meet other like-minded students, and enjoy steamy DC.

I knew I wanted to be a teacher after spending years teaching high schoolers at speech and debate camps (shoutout to SNFI), but it has been years since I’ve worked with high schoolers (or even really talked to a high schooler…) I was a little nervous given that I’m used to an older audience.

I talked to a small group of these students about journalism ethics and First Amendment rights, a spinoff of some of the highlights of my Comm454 class. I was continually impressed with their inquisitiveness and insight. They asked great questions!

Perhaps the biggest surprise was how interested these students were in radio broadcasting as journalism. Radio isn’t dead! I credit the renaissance of radio to the amazing podcasts out there, and I hope we never lose interest in writing for the ear and telling great stories.

I of course had to tell them about two great podcasts related to the First Amendment. (I highly recommend both!)

More Perfect, a Radiolab spinoff series, is dedicated to the inner workings of the Supreme Court. Under the robes, perhaps? (Or not.)

“I don’t have to answer that” is an episode of Radiolab that explores the Gary Hart case, one of the first big debates about journalism ethics and politicians’ private lives (or lack thereof).



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